“Raptor700” - L2812UF/LTE700 - 4g/LTE ready Logperiodic HDTV antenna

Order Code: UNI-220405


Outdoor antenna. Directional, logoperiodic. Passive. UHF. Gain 12dBi. Length 1020mm. Weatherproof F connector. Antennas are designed for the North/South America and USA regions and any other countries that is affected by 4G/LTE-700 network.

At first glance this aerial still looks very similar to its previous design but there are a few crucial improvements which moves this model a few steps up.

1. F female socket is moulded together with high quality copper cable in fully weather resistant rubber housing

2. Can be simply twisted into the required position without needing to disassemble the aerial.

3. Light-weight, weather resistant, reliable and solid aluminium construction is even more reinforced with universal mounting bracket

4. Now this aerial is absolutely suitable for all UK regions with different polarizations as you can easily mount it on the pole in a vertical or horizontal position.

5. Condensation drainage holes on the newly designed rubber boot in conjunction with twistable, rubber edge protected F female port allows you to achieve a worry free connection in no time.


Model"Raptor700" - L2811UF/LTE700 
Code UNI-220405
Channel bandwidth 470-698 MHz (21-49 channels)
No. of elements  28 pcs.
Impedance 75 Ω
Antenna gain Max. 12 dBi
Gain at 698MHz 8.3 dBi
Gain at 720MHz -16 dBi (28dB lower than 690MHz)
Front-to-back ratio  22 - 35 dB
Beam width H/V 35° - 45° / 55° - 46°
Size (packed) 1022mm


Please watch a video below to visualise all the new benefits